Congrats to Liv Tyler -- Pregnant Again After Giving Birth Last Year (PHOTO)

Liv Tyler steps out of her apartment in a denim jumpsuit in New York City.

Someone needs to give the stork a bonus, because he or she is staying extremely busy these days! Liv Tyler is pregnant with her third child and looks cute as a button in a maternity-friendly jeans jumpsuit. Can you believe she and her fiancé David Gardner are having another baby? They just welcomed son Sailor Gene last February!


Well, all right, Liv!

The 38-year-old mom seemed surprised herself when she first revealed news she's expecting a few days ago. Taking to Instagram, Liv shared a stunning baby bump photo with her fans that served as her pregnancy announcement.

Now it seems like baby Tyler-Gardner is making his or her presence known even more!

Don't you just love baby bumps?

Liv Tyler steps out of her apartment in a denim jumpsuit in New York City.

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While this is Liv and David's second child together, they each have a little boy from their previous relationships (Liv has Milo, 11, and David has son Gray, 8).

Now, I know the thought of having two kids so close sounds ... nuts, but can I be honest?

I did the same thing too.

I had my first son in January 2014 and my second June 2015. Granted, we were hoping to have our kiddos sooner rather than later, but we didn't think it would happen that fast.

Obviously, Liv has experience in the mommy department (I'm sure she could give me some tips) -- but from one mom who has littles super close in age to each other, I have one piece of advice for you:

Gird. Your. Loins.

Now is your time to use all the lifelines you have. You're going to need the help!

There will be double the diapers. Double the sleepless nights. Double the crying. Double the fussing. And double the tantrums.

Yet, there are twice as many hugs, twice as many kisses, and twice as many memories you get to have all at once. Plus, Sailor Gene and your growing son or daughter will (hopefully) develop a close bond as they grow up together.

Things might not always be picture-perfect all the time, but, my goodness, it's a hectic and beautiful adventure.

Congrats, mama!



Image via Turgeon-Rocke / Splash News

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