Rumor Has It That Anna Duggar May Be Pregnant With Baby #5

Josh and Anna Duggar

Welp ... this is interesting. The rumor mill has been in full force ever since news broke that Anna Duggar might be pregnant. With her husband Josh still in rehab for sex addiction, and four children ages 6 and under, it's only natural to ask if baby number five is a good idea right now ...


... Assuming it's true, of course.

Folks are still in speculation mode with their thinking caps working on the double. When did this happen? Why? How?

Well, we already know how (theoretically, anyway!).

By the look of things, a "family insider" has spilled the beans to Life & Style. Apparently, Anna thinks she might be pregnant with her and Josh's fifth child -- and even believes it could be a sign from God that his sins are forgiven. There are reports that one of Anna's visits was an overnight stay inside the facility (he's been there since August), and that's likely the time when she and Josh allegedly conceived their growing bean.

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Anna has been spotted visiting Josh at the Christian recovery facility Reformers Unanimous in Illinois, twice at the end of last year. Seeing as the last time Josh and Anna were together (that we know of) was Christmas, who knows if the stars and Anna's ovulating calendar were in alignment that night.

If Anna is in fact preggers, baby number five will join Mackynzie Renée, 6, James, 4, Marcus, 2, and Meredith Grace, 7 months.

Wow ...

Anna must have that Tammy Wynette song "Stand by Your Man" on replay, because she's definitely in it for the long haul!

Even with news surfacing that Josh Duggar molested his own sisters (and other girls) years ago, and that he was involved in that crazy Ashley Madison scandal to cheat on his wife, Anna has remained hopeful that her seven-year marriage would find a way to work.

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Time will tell if the rumors are true. After all, you can't really hide a pregnancy ... unless Anna decides to stay holed up in her in-laws Michelle and Jim Bob Duggars' house.

Regardless of if Josh and Anna stay together -- and are actually having another baby -- I hope they seek some type of professional counseling, as I can only think about their children.



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