Everyone Needs to Relax About Coco Austin's Car Selfie With Her Newborn (PHOTO)

Coco Austin

Can Coco Austin live? The 36-year-old wife and new mom recently shared an adorable photo of her and 1-month-old daughter Chanel Nicole that has many people in awe ... and others a bit ticked off. Apparently, folks aren't happy baby Chanel isn't in her car seat, and is outside in six-degree temps.


I mean, technically, they're sitting in a car. That counts for something, right?

Coco and her little girl got much-needed shut eye while her husband Ice T was on the set of his show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (they do crossover episodes with Chicago PD from time to time) in the Windy City.

Now, who knows if the car was running or not. Obviously, some Coco fans don't care. Comments on her photo are full of questions, and there are comments about her decision to let Chanel sleep on her chest in a car.


Folks have a problem with how Coco dresses as a new mother. Folks have a problem when she wears heels. Folks have a problem with how she sleeps.

Are you starting to see a trend here?

I don't think the problem is Coco ...

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Listen, I get the importance of safety -- especially in a car -- but can we not cut this mother some slack? All we're looking at is one photo, a glimpse in time. We don't know if she stopped for a quick selfie before going inside. We don't know if her car is one of those souped-up vehicles that's practically a luxury home on the go.

As far as the car seat goes, she did mention in the post that baby Chanel has five -- and if I was a betting woman, I would guess one of them is likely in that vehicle. Plus, wasn't there a study that came out about the dangers of letting babies sleep in car seats? Maybe Coco read about it and decided against letting Chanel Nicole get a catnap inside of one.

I think this photo is an adorable shot of a mother and daughter. Seeing as Coco loves her little girl, I would assume she wouldn't put her in harm's way.

Let's try to chillax a bit.




Image via Jennifer Mitchell / Splash News

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