Joey Feek Finds Strength in Laughter, Thanks to Her Baby Girl (PHOTO)

Joey Feek with daughter Indiana

With recent news of her health declining, Joey Feek has experienced some tough days. Trying to keep strong for her family, the 40-year-old country singer continues to do her best to stay positive, as she continues to battle terminal cancer and remain in hospice. Thankfully, Joey has a little angel in her daughter Indiana, who helps brighten her day.


Husband and fellow bandmate Rory Feek couldn't help but share the loving moment between Joey and their 22-month-old daughter. Taking to his blog, This Life I Live, Rory shared a beautiful entry, full of love and laughs.

Like she did that day in August at the hospital in Atlanta when Joey was starting chemo, I think our baby is continuing to cheer her mama on in her fight – the best way she knows how…

By making her smile.

Judging by this photo, I think it's safe to say Joey and Indiana's mommy/daughter moment was magical. In fact, as Rory explains, little Indiana keeps her mama "laughing out loud," which is life's best medicine.

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Children have no idea how much they can impact a person's life, especially their parents! They have the power to make even the darkest of days a little brighter. Continue to soak in these precious moments, Joey.

I can only imagine what it's like for any mom or dad to face a terminal diagnosis. Little Indiana is Joey's greatest cheerleader -- and even has an adorable outfit to prove it.

Hopefully, Joey's days will be full of more peace instead of pain.



Image via Joey and Rory/Facebook

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