Chrissy Teigen Says Pregnancy Has Made Her Nipples 'All Sorts of Weird' & Yours Probably Will Be Too

Chrissy Teigen discusses her pregnancy -- including bigger breasts and nipples -- on FABLifeShow

Pregnancy changes things. And Chrissy Teigen, who is well into her second trimester of pregnancy, is finding out just how much. The mom-to-be recently shared on FabLife that her boobs have gotten a lot bigger. "I think I'm rocking a 40 double-D now."


Not only that, but Teigen also says she's noticed other changes too: "My nipples are all sorts of weird."

Chrissy, we feel you.

Hormones do a number on your body in so many ways during pregnancy (mood swings, anyone?) -- and your breasts are not immune. Some of the breast changes you may experience during pregnancy include:

  1. Bigger cup size. Some women gain well over 1.5 lbs in each breast.
  2. Dark veins. These are caused by the increased volume of blood in your breasts. They will go away post-pregnancy.
  3. Itchiness, breast discomfort, and lumps. These are all common, but if anything seems unusual, speak to your doctor.
  4. Leakage. Your breasts will produce colostrum (a fluid that feeds your baby until your breast milk comes in) around week 16. Some women may experience some leakage of blood from their nipples as well.

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  5. Mild tingling, prickling, or soreness. This can occur throughout your pregnancy. Your milk-producing cells are reproducing rapidly, and breasts have an increased blood supply.
  6. Stretch marks. The good news is your breasts are bigger. The bad news is that your skin will stretch
  7. Nipples and areolas will get darker and bigger. Or, as Teigen says, "all sorts of weird."

If you have any concerns about breast changes during your pregnancy, be sure to let your midwife or OB/GYN know.

Watch Chrissy discuss her pregnancy-related body changes:

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