Spurgeon's Latest Pic Shows Mom Jessa Duggar Is Dealing With a Teether (PHOTO)

Ben and Jessa Seewald

We have a teether (maybe)! Life might be a little unpleasant for Jessa (Duggar) Seewald's little man. Judging by the looks of this latest photo, 2-month-old Spurgeon Seewald has Sophie the Giraffe, a popular teething toy, to possibly help soothe his gums ... or just entertain him.


Either Sophie did the trick, or Spurgie just needed some shut eye. Regardless, let sleeping babies lie.

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Who knows if Spurgeon is teething or not. Maybe he loves giraffes -- or is a huge fan of Sophie. While most babies don't start teething until around six months, there are some who start very early (my youngest started around three months).

Hopefully, Jessa's mom Michelle and her sister Jill are giving her pointers on what to expect. It's so hard to see your sweet baby in any kind of pain, but sadly, it comes with the territory.

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Spurgeon has the right idea though: sleep. A good night's rest or a much-needed catnap can brighten up any day.



Image via ben_seewald/Instagram

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