Coco Austin Has a Message for People Against Sexy Moms

Coco Austin

When you become a parent, things will definitely change, but that doesn't mean you can no longer be yourself. Coco Austin says you can be a sexy mom, and it doesn't make you any less of a parent.


If the heel fits, wear it!

Critics of the 36-year-old wife (she's married to Ice T) and new mom of 1-month-old Chanel probably haven't seen Coco's social media accounts. They're full of images that show off her, um ... assets.

In fact, Coco has made it no secret how much she appreciates the female form, and works hard to maintain her physique. If you ever watched the old reality show Ice Loves Coco, then you know Coco had no issues cleaning the house in six-inch heels, wearing negligees for the heck of it, or busting out a split from time to time.

Seriously, did you really expect things to change that much now that she's a mom?

For every person who doesn't think a woman can or should dress like she did before becoming a mother, Coco has a response for you.

She also adds:


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I've never been one for heels, makeup, and form-fitting clothing (I know, I'm a prude), but that doesn't mean I think moms who favor them are less of a parent.

It's so obvious that Coco adores her daughter Chanel Nicole -- and while I'm sure she might hesitate to trot in front of her little one on "Thong Thursdays," who am I to dictate her wardrobe? I'm sure as heck not paying for it.

Being a mother is hard as is. Folks have something to say when you're a Crunchy Mom, or a helicopter parent, or using formula instead of breast milk, and anything else far and in between.

Let's all just keep calm and carry on with raising our own kids.


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