Anne Hathaway Shows Off Baby Bump for First Time -- in Tiny Red Bikini (PHOTO)

Anne Hathaway

Another year, another celebrity pregnancy. Judging by Anne Hathaway's baby bump vacation pic, I think it's safe to say the mom-to-be and hubby Adam Shulman are going to enjoy 2016. She looks all sorts of relaxed on the beach, and very preggers in her red bikini.


Yay, congrats!

Now, I don't know how far along Annie (she's a friend in my head, and that's what her pals call her) is, but her pregnancy glow gives the surrounding backdrop a run for its money.

Looking good, mama.


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The 33-year-old has made it no secret that she wanted to have a baby (this will be a first for Anne and her husband). Married to her love for three years, Anne has kept her pregnancy under wraps since it was announced a few months ago.

Leave it to the paparazzi to take matters into your own hands (I, for one, am happy you shared the photo).

Hopefully, Anne is having a blast being pregnant. She looks great and very relaxed -- though, the whole beach setting could have something to do with that.

Anne, thanks for sharing this beautiful pic. Enjoy every minute of your time with your growing bean! And if you ever want to schedule a playdate, have your people call my people, girl.



Image via Rick Davis / Splash News

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