Caitlyn Jenner Adopting a Baby Is a Terrible Idea

Caitlyn Jenner

Gossip mongers are atwitter about a new rumor Caitlyn Jenner is planning to adopt a baby in 2016. So, just in case there's any shred of truth to it, I would like to beg her to rethink -- on behalf of adoption advocates everywhere. And the reason has nothing to do with gender.


I, myself, adopted and have followed the Caitlyn Jenner saga more closely than I'd like to admit. There is one characteristic I've been able to take away from all the interviews, speeches, and specials on and by Caitlyn: she is all about Caitlyn. And there's one thing all adoptive kids need from their parents -- especially at first -- and that's their parents' attention and focus.  

The math on the Caitlyn adoption calculation just doesn't add up.

Caitlyn is a person so involved in herself, and her hobbies, and her life, and her transformation, she barely has time to have a relationship with the grown children she has.

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Here's my favorite, most recent example of Caitlyn-the-parent in action. In the most recent episode of KUWTK, she told her youngest daughter, Kylie, that the reason she loves when Kylie comes and visits is because her hair is always a different color.

Deep Caitlyn, real deep.

Interestingly, Caitlyn's transition is probably the thing that would make her a stronger adoptive parent. Kids who are adopted need a parent who has experienced loss, and overcome adversity. Caitlyn's transition, in a lot of ways, would likely help her relate to the needs of a child. But based on a series of tone deaf statements about politics and marriage equality, you have to wonder if Caitlyn even has the capacity for empathy. How else could a person, held up as the standard bearer for the LGBT community, oppose gay marriage, and be a lifelong member of a white-men-only golf club?

No, the rumors about Caitlyn's interest in adopting seem way more like a publicity grab than an earnest intention to meet the needs of a baby -- and that would be pretty unfair. A 66-year-old grandmother with an incredibly packed filming, PR and racing schedule doesn't seem like the right person to take on the enormous responsibility of motherhood. Caitlyn should just continue to enjoy doing Caitlyn. Besides, what she's doing now is way more fun and glamorous than taking care of a new baby, anyway.

They hardly ever change up their hair.


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