Chrissy Teigen Gives Hilarious Answer to Baby Name Question

chrissy teigenHave Chrissy Teigen and John Legend already chosen a name for their baby girl? When asked by a fan on Twitter if she'd thought about any monikers yet, Chrissy responded right away -- but her answer definitely wasn't what the fan (or anybody else) was expecting!


Of course, Chrissy and John JUST found out that they're having a daughter -- and Chrissy also just broke the news of her Vogue Thailand cover -- so the couple probably hasn't had all that much time to devote to their baby name search. Which is what makes Chrissy's answer to her follower's query all the more hilarious -- check it out:

Chubz!! I love it! Sounds like Chrissy is anticipating a little butterball -- which would be adorable, quite frankly! And who knows? While I feel fairly confident in saying that "Chubz" will not be the name on that baby's birth certificate, it might very well be what they end up calling her more often than not. Because babies are so cute and smushy and tiny when they first come out, sometimes it's tough call them by their proper, grown-up names when they're really little. It just seems so formal and weird. Take it from me -- my 13-month-old only responds to a variety of silly nicknames because we almost never call him by his actual name! 

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Either way, it's great that Chrissy is having a sense of humor about her pregnancy. It's a trait that will serve her well as a mom! And of course we can't wait to find out what her little girl's REAL name will be.


Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

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