Neil Patrick Harris Got the Cutest, Creepiest Christmas Gift (VIDEOS)

neil patrick harrisNeil Patrick Harris and his husband, David Burtka, have got to be among the most devoted, fun-loving dads on the planet -- so it's no surprise that NPH's favorite Christmas gifts this year were all about his adorable son and daughter (even if the presents in question are as creepy as they are cute!). 


Apparently in addition to being a great dad (and Emmy winner, and pop culture icon), Neil is something of a Disney fan, too -- or at least the famous Disneyland/Disneyworld ride, The Haunted Mansion. Because what really made his holiday dreams come true this season were these eerie morphing portraits of Gideon and Harper, just like the ones you see on the ride! (Well, the portraits on the ride aren't of Gideon and Harper, but you know what we mean.) Check it out:

Two of my top three gifts today. My children + Haunted Mansion = squee!

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Yikes! Also, awwww! Wonder if The Nightmare Before Christmas is required viewing in the Harris/Burtka household? Seriously though, have you ever seen such sweet little skull faces? And just in case you've forgotten how cute the twins are when they're not horrifying holograms, here are some ridiculously fun videos of their Christmas morning antics:

I really love one of these gifts. #papa

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Those eyes!! And those curls! Of course, her brother is quite the looker himself:


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Classic. We can't wait to see what this gorgeous gang does for New Year's Eve!! 


Image via Neil Patrick Harris/Instagram


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