Kate Hudson's #ExMas Selfie Is an Inspiration to Divorced Moms Everywhere (PHOTO)

kate hudsonHaving a happy family holiday after splitting up with a partner can be tricky, but not if you're the eternally breezy and upbeat Kate Hudson! The 36-year-old actress totally owned the potentially stressful situation with a hilarious Instagram post (featuring Matt Bellamy, former love and dad to her 4-year-old son Bingham) proving that exes really can get along at this time of year. 


There are so many, many things to love about Kate Hudson. But without a doubt, one of the things we love the most about her is the way she always seems to handle personal challenges -- the kind that might have the rest of us tearing our hair out -- with grace and humor. Granted, she's had a bit of practice doing the broken family holiday thing at this point (Hudson also has an 11-year-old son, Ryder, with ex Chris Robinson), but the selfie she posted with Bellamy (and the accompanying caption) is next-level well-adjusted:

“From our #ModernFamily to your #WhateverKindaFamilyIsYourKindaFamily we send you much love and blessings on this Christmas eve," she wrote.

#ExMas #HolidayFun #SantasComing”

Check it out:

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How cute is that?? Who else celebrated #ExMas this year?? (Raises hand.) Of course this is just what we're seeing on Instagram, and for all we know, as soon as that pic was posted the couple started freaking out on each other about Bingham's bedtime or how much TV he should be allowed to watch or some other common co-parenting issue, but it does truly seem as if goodwill is prevailing here. And the excellent example Kate is setting serves as a reminder to the rest of us that families of any shape and size can still be happy and healthy!


Image via TK/JosiahW/Splash News

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