Coco Austin Is 'Waist Training' 1 Month After Giving Birth (PHOTO)

Coco AustinIt's no secret that Coco Austin loves looking and feeling good. Between working out in high heels and rocking head-turning outfits, Mrs. Ice T isn't afraid to shine. Some, however, are questioning why Coco is promoting waist training -- especially when you consider she just gave birth to daughter Chanel Nicole on November 28.


The 36-year-old new mom recently posted a photo of herself in a waist trainer (waist trainer, waist cincher, whatever it is) that shows off her hourglass physique. Hoping to get back to a 22 inch waist, Coco took a selfie that's definitely getting eyeballs.

Listen, I'm a firm believer of the "to each his own" movement, but this right here is ... well, it's something. Yes, I know waist training is a big thing now, and that some women would love to be super skinny in their midsection, but a month after birth?

As a new mom myself, and a person who is a self-professed gym rat, I just couldn't get with this. I love the female form -- and its ability to evolve -- but personally, this looks so extra.

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Yes, it's great to have fitness goals for the sake of health, but some of these fads deserve a side eye.

As it turns out, other folks are scratching their heads as to why someone who looks great as is, and works out so much, would think she needed a waist trainer (side note: it's also interesting that Coco's post appears to be sponsored).

Thus far, comments on Coco's Facebook about her waist-training selfie have been mixed, with many asking the new mom to think about the message she's sending to both her daughter and other young girls.

"You don't need a waist trainer ... No one needs it," wrote one commenter.

"Do better Coco, evolve, there is nothing wrong with your natural waste that you trained so hard to achieve..." replied another.

"You are beautiful after having a baby less than a month ago! Appreciate your body instead of try to endorse this stupid waist cincher!" responded another woman.

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Coco isn't here to please anyone else. She's also more than free to do whatever she thinks is best. I just hope she speaks to her physician about using this. Doctors have warned about the dangers of waist training -- including the harm it can cause to your internal organs.

Just be careful, mama!



Image via Fortunata/Shutterstock

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