Chrissy Teigen Gets 'Lifetime Dream' Gift from Husband John Legend (PHOTOS)

chrissy teigenPregnant Chrissy Teigen is very excited about the early Christmas gift from her husband John Legend. It's not their baby. She's so thrilled that she called this gift a "lifetime dream" and gushed about how very emotional she is about it. This gift is not what I expected at all.


It's a cheese wheel.

I didn't even know what a cheese wheel was until Chrissy shed light on it.

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This cheese wheel looks huge -- I saw that some of them go for over $2,000 on Williams-Sonoma and they weigh around 80 pounds. This isn't the kind of gift that can be easily hid, so maybe that's why John gave it to her early.

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Chrissy, one of my favorite pregnant ladies of the moment, is a model and foodie and cookbook author. And to someone who likes to cook, this really is a "lifetime dream" gift. I mean, she already has a baby in her belly, so that dream has come true. Also, Mario Batali used a cheese wheel in an Iron Chef episode. Chrissy must have seen that one, and if not, she probably wants to see it now. It's an ultimate gift for pasta lovers.

Teigen is ready to "dump pasta and risotto" in her cheese wheel "for years to come!" And she even said how this gift "makes me emotional." This isn't just her pregnancy hormones talking. To someone who loves to cook, this really is an incredible and thoughtful gift. And of course John thought of it -- these two are ridiculously adorable and seem really in tune with each other. 

When I was pregnant, one of the only things I wanted to eat all the time was pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. (Also, burritos.) The pasta dish is the ultimate comfort food for me, and maybe it is for Chrissy, too. I can't wait to see the dishes she comes up with.


Image via Johns PKI/Splash News

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