Kim Kardashian Is Eating Her Placenta (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian WestWhen it comes to motherhood, Kim Kardashian West is doing things a little differently this time around. The mom of two revealed she's eating her own placenta, which could leave an appetizing or bitter taste in your mouth -- depending on what you think about the whole thing.



Kim gave birth on December 5 to her and Kanye West's second child, a baby boy named Saint -- and news about Kim eating placenta pills might come as a shock to some of her fans.

Those who pay for exclusive access to Kim Kardashian's website (hey, at least you get seven days free, right?) can read all about her "Eating My Placenta" blog post -- including her reasons for doing so, and why she thinks it's important. In fact, Kim hopes eating her own organ will yield wonderful benefits -- like reducing the risk of postpartum depression, and making the recovery process much easier.

Kim isn't the first Kardashian to eat her placenta. Kourtney Kardashian has been taking placenta pills throughout her pregnancies, and swears by them.

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As you can see from her Twitter post, Kim K. isn't playing around with her new endeavor.


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As a mom of two 16 months apart (my youngest is 6 months), I thought about the whole placenta thing, but was turned off after I pushed it out ... and saw it up close. I won't knock anyone who wants an extra boost of energy, or something that could possibly make life and emotions a little easier to manage.

I just hope Kim read about research published over the summer that claims there's no scientific evidence that supports benefits to eating your placenta.

Do what you think is best, mama.


Image via Ron Asadorian / Splash News

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