Coco Austin Rocks Skintight Outfit Just Days After Giving Birth (PHOTO)

Coco Austin

Can you remember how you felt, or looked, after you gave birth to your child? Were you ready for your close-up, or were you desperate to get home, close the blinds, and rest? One lady who isn't skipping a beat is Coco Austin, who looks amazing post delivery.


It's hard to remember she gave birth less than a week ago to Chanel Nicole, but guess what?

She did.

Prior to her pregnancy, Coco was all about fitness. Between those crazy yoga poses (she and her sister are pretty awesome with it), and lifting weights in heels, Mrs. Ice T did her best to stay healthy and fit -- that obviously, paid off.

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Look, I hit the gym three to four times a week -- both before, during, and after both of my pregnancies -- and could never pull something like this off.

You look good, Coco!

I'm sure her post-baby bod selfie will receive some criticism -- but honestly, I don't think she's trying to throw shade at anyone. In fact, I believe Coco put on one of her outfits before she happily posed with her baby girl.

So long as mama is recovering nicely and feels happy, I don't care if she chooses to wear something form-fitting, baggy, or a cardboard box.

Do what makes you feel comfortable.


Image via coco/Instagram

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