Coco Austin Shares Sweet Moment of Daughter Chanel 'Milk Drunk' Happy (PHOTO)

Coco AustinCoco Austin has been a mom for a few days, and we can't stop gushing over her and hubby Ice T's beautiful baby girl. Case in point: There's no way you can look at Coco's daughter Chanel Nicole milk-drunk and not feel some kind of way.


Bottoms up, or boobies up?

This little Sagittarius (Chanel was born on November 28) looks sooo happy after an obviously delightful nursing session with Mom. Just look at that dimple!

Chanel's face says it all!

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It's almost like Chanel said, "Aah ... yeah, I'm taking a nap now. Wake me up in two hours." Milk-drunk baby faces are incredibly cute. Who knew Mama's dairy could be so enjoyable?

What a peach!



Image via coco/Instagram

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