Joey Feek Playing Dress-Up With Her Daughter Is Beautiful (PHOTO)

Joey FeekAs fans of country duo Joey + Rory continue to offer their prayers and well-wishes, there is a happy story that deserves some attention. While it's heartbreaking to think Joey Feek is battling a terminal illness, Joey playing dress-up with daughter Indiana is too precious for words.


Nothing -- including stage IV cervical cancer -- was going to stop this mom from wearing a crown with pigtails with her almost-2-year-old daughter. As tragic as Joey's situation is, sometimes, you have to stop and enjoy the small moments that have the power to create everlasting memories.

...hand-made pigtails and a second-hand tricycle.

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Little Indiana likely doesn't know the severity of what's going on -- but sure does appreciate the fun times she has with her mother.

I can only imagine the amount of strength it takes to deal with a terminal illness -- both physically, emotionally, and mentally. Joey definitely has both a beautiful soul and a fighting spirit.

Hopefully, there will be more memories for this family to share.


Image via roryandjoey/Instagram

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