Coco Austin Flaunts Her Baby Bump in a Bikini Thong

Coco Austin pregnantDoesn't it seem like folks always have something to say about an expectant mom? Coco Austin is no stranger to controversy, as her pregnancy selfie in a thong bikini is still raising eyebrows. Now the mom-to-be is speaking out about why she took down her head-turning photos -- and about her and husband Ice T's big plans for little Chanel.


Sorry if you missed it. You can still see the jaw-dropping snap on E! Online, where Coco now blogs as a celebrity contributor.

In her first entry, Coco shares how she had no problem taking "risqué" pics to show off her baby bump. Now 36 weeks pregnant, Coco admits she wasn't embarrassed by the photos she took (I mean, she did take them), but she made the decision to remove them because of all the negativity she received. At the time, Coco thought the photos were a good way to show off her pregnancy.

Many people questioned the Ice & Coco cohost on whether or not she was actually pregnant -- seeing as her bump was barely visible.

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It's sad that we live in a day where people who hide behind a computer screen feel empowered to spew hurtful comments on others. I hate the notion that you shouldn't share life moments and things that make you happy, in fear of what others have to say -- but that's where we seem to be. Yes, seeing anyone in a thong bikini would make you do a double take, but live and let live.

At least to me, the bigger issue here is not the photo, but Coco feeling the need to respond to her critics. Whether your baby bump pops sooner or later, why can't we celebrate the idea of life forming in a mother's womb? Just as we shouldn't judge women who gain a certain amount of weight while pregnant, the same needs to go for those women who don't -- because of previously being fit, or any other reason. So long as a doctor is involved in Coco's journey, who cares if her bump is tiny? Plus, she had tight abs and was fit prior to getting pregnant, which can play a part in how your body responds.

Bottom line: If you like her photos, show some love. And if you don't, move on.



Image via coco/Instagram

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