Kristin Cavallari Tries to Induce Labor With the Help of Her Hubby (PHOTO)

Kristin Cavallari and husband Jay CutlerSure, being pregnant is wonderful and exciting ... until baby decides to stay comfortable. Kristin Cavallari continues to wait for the arrival of baby number three with husband Jay Cutler -- and hopes a foot massage will induce labor.


Too bad it didn't.

Well, Kristin, even though this was a failed attempt, you did score a touchdown (Kristin's husband Jay is the Chicago Bears quarterback) for taking a cute photo with your guy.

I bet Kristin was like, "Babe, I totally read about this online. Rub my feet so the baby can come?" Judging by Jay's attention to what's likely the television, he looks to oblige, thanks to a little distraction.

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Sorry that baby girl hasn't come (Kristin and Jay have sons Camden, 3, and Jaxson, 18 months), but continue to get those foot rubs, girl.

Let's see if these trigger points really work ���

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I LOVE those distracted massages you can get a guy to do when his attention is elsewhere. I purposely wait until a show like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones comes on, so my husband can give me a good rubdown -- without complaining about cramping hands. Nothing like blood and carnage to get those hands working.

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Maybe something else will work, like walking or eating pineapples. For me, sex got the party started with baby number two. I know it doesn't always work, by why not shake some sheets before "D-Day"?



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