Proud Mama Kelly Clarkson Shows Off Baby River in Latest Video for 'Piece by Piece'

Kelly ClarksonEverything you need to know about where Kelly Clarkson is emotionally as an artist and as a woman is on full display in her new video for "Piece by Piece." And fittingly, the real star of the video is Kelly's beautiful 17-month-old baby girl, River.


The whole song and video is really a love letter to River and her daddy, Brandon Blackstock. Kelly recounts her own heartbreak over her father abandoning her as a kid and compares him with down-with-the-struggle superdad and husband, Brandon. Doesn't seem like much of a contest.

Check out the video and the bald angel baby kissing Kelly at the end. That's River.

Kelly gets in some heavy-duty shots at her estranged father about "asking for money" and "burning holes in a six-year-old" that have got to sting. Kelly also sings her own promise to River to "always put you first" that's pretty touching.

From her first tentative steps on the American Idol stage so many years ago, audiences have had the chance to watch Kelly grow up. Now, we're seeing her in that state most mothers will recognize all too well -- that raw, emotional stage of new motherhood. That stage where you're so overcome and overwhelmed by your love for this tiny little person, that it starts to change the way you see everything -- especially your own relationship with your parents and how you swear you'll be and do better.

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Of course, the raw emotional phase really only lasts until the new-parent adrenaline wears off somewhere at about age 2 and a half. We'll know Kelly has hit that phase when she starts singing songs about wine, drive-through dinners, and how much she hates Caillou.


Images via kellyclarksonVEVO/YouTube

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