Kelly Clarkson Is Having a Rough Pregnancy the Second Time Around

Kelly Clarkson

Being pregnant can really have its ups and downs. One minute, you're jumping for joy at the thought of having a little bundle of joy -- and the next, you're trying to find the nearest toilet, to either pee or vomit in. Kelly Clarkson has opened up about her bumpy second pregnancy, that's not an easy walk on the park.


The 33-year-old Grammy winner admits pregnancy doesn't always agree with her. While pregnant with her now 17-month-old daughter, River Rose, Kelly told the folks at CBS This Morning she vomited nonstop throughout the day -- which would make any of us want to give the finger to those who said "morning sickness" would stop past the first trimester.

Unfortunately, things don't look to be much better with Kelly's second pregnancy (she and husband, Brandon Blackstock are having a baby boy!), as she needs constant IVs and fluids due to dehydration. As sad as this is to say, I'm kinda glad Kelly cancelled her tour. Hopefully she has more time to try and rest up, for the sake of baby and health.


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I know many women who've been in similar situations -- not counting the stardom of course. It can and will come with the territory of being pregnant.

Hang in there, Kelly! Maybe your mother-in-law, Reba McEntire can make you some soup.



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