Soleil Moon Frye Is Pregnant With Baby #4

soleil moon frye pregnantSoleil Moon Frye announced that she is pregnant with baby number four on Twitter and Instagram, sharing gorgeous photos of her baby bump and positive pregnancy results. Soleil and husband Jason Goldberg are going to do things a little differently this time -- they are keeping the gender a secret even from themselves.


This makes an excellent case for having more kids. For each pregnancy and birth, you can do things differently. Maybe try a water birth for one. A home birth for another. That kind of thing. If only it was all so simple.

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Since she isn't going to find out the gender, we have a lot of guessing on what the baby's name will be. But going by what Soleil has picked for her three kids, I know it's going to be a unique name. She and Jason have two daughters -- Jagger Joseph Blue, 10, and Poet Sienna, 7. Their 20-month-old son is named Lyric Sonny Rhodes. Love these names!

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This pregnancy came as a surprise for the family, so that's why they are keeping with that theme and waiting until birth day to know if their little one is a boy or girl. Might I suggest the names Song, Leaf, or Bowie?

Soleil said that she loves how her daughters are close in age (three years' difference) and now her not-quite-yet-2-year-old son will have a sibling close in age, too. So much happiness for this growing family.


Image via moonfrye/Instagram

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