Country Star Joey Feek Prepares to Say Good-Bye to Her Daughter

Joey and RoryFans of country duo Joey + Rory received sad news. Rory Feek gave the heartbreaking update that his wife, Joey Martin Feek, will spend her final days by her family's side in hospice, as there's nothing more doctors can do.


Diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer in 2014, Joey continued to fight. At one point, doctors believed they removed all the cancer from her body, but sadly, it returned. After undergoing aggressive treatment, Joey decided to end her cancer treatments last month, as they proved to be ineffective.

On November 6, Joey was rushed to the hospital to treat significant pain, which ended in hospice being arranged for the singer's final days. "Joey is at peace with where she is and where she’s going. So am I," Rory wrote on his blog, This Life I Live.

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Posted by Joey and Rory on Monday, November 9, 2015

This is beyond heartbreaking. Sadness doesn't even begin to describe my feelings toward this family -- and others who are dealing with a loved one battling a disease.

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Joey and Rory have a beautiful little girl named Indiana, who, sadly, will not be able to experience life with her mother. Rather than let cancer news bring them down, Rory and Joey are making the most out of the time they have left -- including singing to their daughter, and Joey recording their voices to books for Indiana to enjoy.

I truly hope that Joey's days are full of as much peace and love as possible.



Image via Joey and Rory/Facebook

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