Blake Lively's Unreasonable Postpartum Workout Schedule Would Make Most of Us Cringe

blake livelyThe stunning actress Blake Lively, mother to 10-month-old James, wife of Ryan Reynolds, has been outspoken about how moms should not feel pressure to drop the baby weight. As I stare at her gorgeous legs, I want to love her and her words -- and I do. But now that I heard about Lively's insane workout routine to wear a tiny bikini in a movie less than a year postpartum, I'm a little torn.


Blake is in Australia filming the movie The Shallows -- it's a beach thriller, so of course she's going to be featured in a tiny two-piece. She looks incredible. Jaw-dropping. I'm in awe. But it was just in May that Blake talked about how it's "silly" to obsess about losing that baby weight and how new moms shouldn't feel pressure. So it got me thinking that she is just one of those women who seems to magically return to pre–baby weight without much work. That is not the case at all. Blake worked hard, really hard, as it turns out, and while I do believe she wasn't exactly pressured, it's just something that is expected in Hollywood no matter how hard we wish it wasn't.

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Don Saladino is Blake's trainer, and he shared with People that getting her in shape for this movie wasn't about looking hot in a bikini -- it was more about "energy levels." This rings a bell for me; when I was postpartum with my twins, I barely had enough energy to do the breastfeeding, diapers, and napping routines every day. I wanted to nap myself ... a lot. I was so tired. It was a beautiful-and-thankful tired, but still, very tired.

Blake didn't have time to be tired. None of us do. But her trainer figured out a way to help her with that. To get Blake in movie-shooting shape, Saladino had her working out five or six times a week. There were laps in the pool, upper body and lower body training, elliptical work -- it all sounds so intense that I need a nap just thinking about it. And while that intense a workout is way too much for most of us, I remind myself that we are all not Blake Lively. I'm not picking on Blake, just reminding myself and everyone that we are all different -- our bodies react and grow and lose weight in different ways. We should never feel pressure to be or look like another person.

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What's uplifting is the fact that Lively's trainer said that he urged her to always listen to her body -- never to push it. And that's key. He also said that she wasn't in the gym for hours and hours -- one hour and healthy eating can help with energy levels. I think we just need to muster the energy to start and not be overwhelmed. It's about being healthy for you -- without any pressure. And even though Blake's bikini body is incredibly amazing just 10 months postpartum and her workout schedule is way too much for most of us, I am going to hold on to the sage advice that we should never but pressure on ourselves or push ourselves too far.


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