Looks Like Jessa Duggar Is Going to Have a Big Baby (PHOTO)

Jessa Duggar SeewaldOnce a mom-to-be passes her due date, it's only natural for her to have a bunch of questions. Am I truly ready for labor? Will my water break like a gush from Niagara Falls? Jessa Seewald wants to know if Baby Seewald will be chubby like she and her husband were at birth.


Do big babies make big, if not bigger, babies? Guess Jessa and her hubby, Ben Seewald, will have to wait and see (their bundle was due on November 1 -- which also happens to be their wedding anniversary).

Judging by the conversation Jessa had with her mother-in-law, Guinn, I think it's safe to say the answer might be a big yes.

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Wowza, a 10-pound baby is no joke! Kudos to any woman who carries such a huge loaf for so many months -- let alone pushes one out.

I think it's only natural for tons of questions about your child to enter your mind. Hopefully Jessa's realization that she and her husband were on the "gigantic" side doesn't shake her mentally.

Jessa, no matter how big your baby is, you are capable of taking care of business. There's also plenty of medical goodies and assistance, should you want or need it.

It will be all right!


Image via jessaseewald/Instagram

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