Alyssa Milano's Breastfeeding-as-Wonder-Woman Pic Is the Kind of Support All Moms Need (PHOTO)

alyssa milano babyAlyssa Milano is one of my favorite champions of breastfeeding -- she is quite the lactivist and wants to support breastfeeding moms. She has spoken out about how no one should ever complain if he or she sees a mother nursing her child in public. In that spirit, Alyssa shared a throwback photo of her dressed as Wonder Woman and breastfeeding her then-baby daughter Elizabella. It's exactly how all moms should feel.


I am so charmed by her.

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#tbt 2014 Wonder Woman! #normalizebreastfeeding

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We are all Wonder Women. The breastfeeding moms. The formula-feeding moms. The moms who gave birth naturally. The moms who had a C-section. The moms who have adopted. We are all Wonder Women, doing the best we can, every day ... for our children.

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We all wear that Wonder Woman costume every day -- it just comes in many different forms.

Alyssa's message to normalize breastfeeding is a powerful one because she is who she is (she's the boss, right?). Her posts have great reach and can help people see how breastfeeding is just another way to feed baby. Thank you, Alyssa.

We are all superheros.


Image via milano_alyssa/Instagram

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