Baby #3 Is Going to Change Kristin Cavallari's Life Big-Time

As amazing as motherhood is, and can be, it's also a bit nerve-racking. There's no study guide that can prepare you for the journey ahead -- even if you already have children. Kristin Cavallari admits having three kids scares her a little, but will be a new normal that will take a little adjusting.


Kristin and her husband, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, will likely have their hands full. They're already running after sons Camden, 3, and Jaxon, 1, and their baby girl (she'll arrive in November) will certainly keep the couple on their toes.

I'm not too sure how many football games Kristin will make it to this season, as things at home will likely be a sporting event in and of itself (the Bears haven't been doing spectacularly to date, so she won't really miss much).

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You have to appreciate Kristin's honesty, as there are many moms who feel like they have to keep it together all the time. Kristin knows things will be hard, but she is also quick to point out that she's certainly not the first mother to have three kids under age 4. As she says, she'll "figure it out," which is all you can really do.

As a mom of two boys under age 2 (I'm thinking about the third, but not next year), I understand the beauty and difficulties that come with raising a baby and toddler. You gotta take your good days with your bad days, and count your blessings when you have wine in the house. I love the community of moms I have (most have multiples) who give me pointers when and where needed.

There's nothing wrong with expressing your feelings, as it's both a good release and will probably help another mother out dealing with a similar situation.



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