Olivia Wilde Sums Up Motherhood in 1 Funny Selfie (PHOTO)

There are certain realities about being a mother that really don't need a long explanation. Actress Olivia Wilde perfectly sums up the realities of being a mom with this hilarious photo.


Keeping it real on the 'Gram, Olivia Wilde took a sort of dazed and confused selfie that gives us a little insight on her days parenting her 1-year-old son, Otis Alexander. Olivia and her fiancé, actor Jason Sudeikis, welcomed Otis in April 2014.

Major props if you have access to a glam squad, or possess the ability to look "beat to capacity" 24/7. It's not a reality many mothers experience. There will be days when you're super sweaty, have snot on you, and wonder why your kid thought crayons were a snack.

It happens.

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Olivia, girl, I've been there. We've all been there.

I'm all for those selfies that look as if you're on cloud nine all the time, but it's good throw in a truthful moment. Parenting is certainly a journey full of gratitude, messes, chaos, and love. Sometimes, you have to take the good with the diaper rash cream -- and should you want to share a pic, I'll nod my head in agreement with you.


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