Zooey Deschanel's Baby Name Is Certainly Original (VIDEO)

She might be funny and play the New Girl, but when it comes to her family, Zooey Deschanel likes her privacy. That was until recently -- as Zooey revealed her 3-month-old daughter's name that just might inspire you to take a trip to the zoo.


Let's just say that Zooey and her husband, Jacob Pechenik, gave their little girl a very unique middle name -- that just might be a great subject for a future book report. So, what is it? Elsie Otter.

Yes, otter, like the semi-aquatic mammal that loves a fish diet. Apparently, Zooey and her hubby really adore the animal. During an appearance on Today, Zooey revealed her infatuation with otters. According to her, they're sweet, really smart, and seem to know their way around tools (probably not the kind you would find in a home improvement store).

I suspect that Zooey and Jacob enjoy Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel.

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Well, they are pretty cute...

...and do seem to have good table manners.

I'll admit, Otter is a little odd for a middle name, but to each their own. If it gives this family joy, then more power to them.

Hopefully Zooey will pass along her love of otters, as it's now a part of baby Elsie's name. And if she doesn't like it, at least it's just a middle name.

Image via TODAY.com

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