Tom Brady Bashes Junk Food -- Yay?

tom brady gisele bundchen kidsEverybody's favorite parenting expert is here to make you feel bad about what you feed your kids. I suppose it's fair because many of us have been making ball jokes at his expense. Yes, I'm talking about Tom Brady, Patriots QB and husband and babymaker with Gisele "Everyone should breastfeed" Bundchen. Deflating our sense of parenting pride, Brady says that if we feed our kids this cereal, we are dishing up the poison.


That cereal is Frosted Flakes. And I will admit that I agree with him. Sort of. Tony the Tiger must be really hurt -- he thinks they're great.

Every time my kids eat a bowl of cereal instead of some organic farm-fresh antibiotic-free free-range pampered chicken eggs with fresh squeezed orange juice from an organic farm I rode to on my bicycle, there is a pang of failure in my gut. It's true. I want the picket fence. The smile on my face even before my third cup of coffee. I want to be the mom who never loses her cool. Ever. I am not.

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I have tried to get my little ones to eat that pricey cereal from the healthy aisle with a no-name panda on it instead of a character who has more licensing agreement than ... say, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen combined. They don't like it. Maybe it's because they have already tasted the so-called poison, and poison tastes good. I've ruined them. I'm going to blame it on the grandparents. Still, I feed it to my kids -- me, mom. Because, well, I suppose I don't feel as strongly about it as Tom Brady does.

Brady not only attacked Frosted Flakes, but also Coca-Cola, specifically. While on WEEI, a Massachusetts radio station, the subject of deflategate went on a rant saying how we've been lied to by food companies who have tons of money and serve poison to our little ones, essentially duping us to think it's okay. We, as obviously terrible parents, buy it up and think it's all good and fine because we are Americans and not Brazilian like his wife Gisele.

I embellished that last part a bit. But let's be honest, who wants to attack Tom Brady's balls right now?

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I'll go easy on him because I know he's right to an extent, but I'm also not an extremely strict parent. My son ate Frosted Flakes this morning. Wow. Admitting that wasn't easy. Am I doing a dance about it? No. But I've got a picky eater and I've tried just about everything and he's got to eat something before school and I cannot make pancakes every damn day. My daughter enjoys Coca-Cola with her grandmother, much to my horror, but I don't pump her stomach every time she returns from a visit.

We make concessions as parents. We have to.

Maybe this is Brady's soapbox -- healthy foods for kids. Gisele did start that off by really promoting breastfeeding. I am totally for both causes -- I'm quite the breastfeeding advocate myself. And I am always in favor of healthy foods and want the whole school lunch program to be changed and wish America would step up our game and make some real changes with pesticides, toxins, and chemicals that need to be eliminated. Many companies are doing that, and perhaps with Brady's speaking out about it, something more will be done, like a snowball effect. We have to inflate -- not deflate -- the issue. So I'll take Brady's comments with a grain of salt -- Himalayan pink salt, of course.


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