This Gorgeous Girl Has Tom Brady Wrapped Around Her Finger & It's Not Gisele

When it comes to calling the shots, Tom Brady's ability to command an audience is undeniable. The New England Patriots quarterback is notorious for a no-nonsense approach to the game (we'll leave "Deflatgate" alone for now) that makes thoughts of Tom's being wrapped around his daughter's finger all the sweeter.


Tom Brady recently spoke to People about how his daughter Vivian, almost 3, has him under her command (well, within reason, of course). He would love for her to wear more yellow. She says, "No Daddy, I want pink." When Vivian steps out the house, oh, she's so wearing pink. What his baby wants, his baby gets. (In case you didn't know, little kids can sometimes have that power.) Tom and his wife, Gisele Bündchen, also have an almost-6-year-old named Benjamin (Tom and actress Bridget Moynahan have a 9-year-old named John).

I think many daughters have been in Vivian's shoes (even if pink doesn't happen to be your color), as I can remember numerous occasions when I made my dad "bend to my will" with no more than a smile. As a professed daddy's girl (31 years and counting), I have to chuckle whenever I hear stories like this.

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Like Vivian, I was the apple of my dad's eye, and not only commanded his attention, but also learned how I, as a woman, deserved to be treated. His influence -- including not attaching my self-worth to any man or person -- really helped to shape who I am today. Yes, I was my daddy's girl or princess (okay, I was a warrior princess, as Xena was a thing growing up), but I was also raised to be a loving, independent woman who brings value to any situation.

My father has always told me that raising a daughter has been his biggest blessing and challenge. He admits that certain things were outside of his normal wheelhouse, but it allowed him to see life differently -- and develop a special bond he never knew existed. Obviously, you love all your children, but there's something about a father/daughter bond (or mother/son) that can be unique.

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While I'm sure Tom and Vivian have yet to get to those profound moments (she still is a toddler), I'm sure there are plenty of things Mr. Brady plans to teach her about life from the male perspective. I can already see their daddy/daughter "dates" and the first dance at her wedding now.


Image via gisele/Instagram

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