Carrie Underwood Talks About the Realities of 'Mom Guilt' (VIDEO)

When it comes to being a mother, and the many experiences you deal with on the daily, you aren't alone. New mom Carrie Underwood dishes about mom guilt on her journey down the uncharted path of parenting -- and it will likely make you nod your head in agreement.


The 32-year-old country singer is head over spurs in love with her 7-month-old son, Isaiah Michael -- and absolutely hates being away from him. Carrie told People she recently felt mom guilt when she had to head across the pond for a festival, leaving behind her baby boy for five days. While I'm sure Isaiah was just fine with daddy Mike Fisher (Carrie and Mike have been married for five years) or someone in her camp Carrie trusts, it's certainly understandable to have those feelings.

Hell, there are times when I feel a little guilty being away from my kiddos -- and sometimes I'm just 10 minutes away!

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Mom guilt can and will happen. As much as it's great to have "me time," sometimes mommies do feel some kind of way about leaving their kid -- or not being able to devote the attention they want. Honestly, I thought it would go away after my first child was born, but it didn't. Even though I feel less guilty about certain things now, there have been times when I wanted to rush home, but I reminded myself to chillax.

Rather than focus on feeling guilty, it might help to think about all the wonderful things happening. Sure, you might not make it home in time to kiss your kiddo good-night, but I highly doubt the child feels he or she isn't loved because of it. You aren't a horrible mother if you want a little time to go to work (well, that can take up hours, but you get it), hit the gym, finally try that new hobby, or do absolutely nothing (relaxing is amazing). All you can do is give your best and love with your whole heart.

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