Jack Black Screens 'Goosebumps' at Sons' Elementary School & Earns Coolest Dad Ever Award

Jack Black just stepped up his kids' show-and-tell game. The funnyman and dad of two screened the movie Goosebumps at his boys' elementary school, which was a big hit among the little ones.


... except kindergartners; some were a little scared.

Boys Samuel, 9, and Thomas, 7, were ecstatic to hear their dad could show off his new movie at their school -- and what child wouldn't be, especially when your father is Jack Black? The movie was such a hit that Jack's boys decided to dress up like the ventriloquist dummy for their dad's Hollywood premiere.

If I was a little kid at that school, I would be all sorts of hype on the playground. "Hey Johnny, what did you do today? Oh that's cool. I saw Goosebumps before it even came out."


Goosebumps was big when I was growing up (was anyone else a kid during the '90s?). Not only was it a fun book series, but also a sometimes creepy / sometimes cheesy TV show that rivaled Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark? Who wouldn't love tales of ghouls and eerie neighbors, especially now that we're getting closer and closer to Halloween? In fact, I bet more than a few parents of kids at that school played hooky from work to see the screening (is there such a thing as Take Your Parent to School?).

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Jack Black gave the gift of Halloween and Christmas all wrapped in an R. L. Stine bow. Not only is this a memory for his little boys, but also for those in the school who don't have a celebrity parent.


Image via © DANNY MOLOSHOK/Reuters/Corbis

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