New Mom Hayden Panettiere Shares Fierce Post-Baby Body Selfie (PHOTO)

New mom Hayden Panettiere is giving us fierce post-baby fashion with this selfie that will surely turn more than a few heads.


Set against a beachy sunset, the 26-year-old Nashville star and mama of 10-month-old Kaya couldn't help but stop, enjoy the sea air, and take this haute photo. Judging by the other photos Hayden put up at this California spot, it seems she just wanted to have a little fun and reflect on things.

While some might focus on her statement of "coming back into my own body" as being literal (skinny jeans can give you so much trouble -- and whiplash if you aren't careful), this also might include inner wellness. In case you forgot, Hayden went on Live! With Kelly and Michael where she discussed her experience with postpartum depression. I truly hope she and all new moms (I just had my second four months ago) feel amazing, both on the inside and out.

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No matter if she's happy about her post-baby bod, was feeling her outfit and needed a selfie (don't act like you haven't done that before), or all of the above, I'm happy for her.

Life can be all the more beautiful if you stop and enjoy a sunset from time to time.

Update: Since this post, Hayden's rep confirmed she entered a facility to seek treatment for postpartum depression. We wish her nothing but the best.

Image via haydenpanettier/Twitter

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