Carey Mulligan Finally Shares Some Details of Her Baby's Birth

Let's all raise a glass and toast Carey Mulligan and her husband Marcus Mumford (you know, from the group Mumford & Sons), as the two are now proud parents! All right, so maybe the stork arrived in September, but at least Carey shared their baby's gender. So what, pray tell, did Carey and Marcus have? Guess.


You have a 50/50 chance of being correct.

Carey and Marcus are proud parents of a little girl!

While the new mum was tight-lipped about the details, Carey did confirm on The Graham Norton Show that she did in fact give birth to a baby girl. Since news broke that the couple had their first child together, all eyes have been on Carey -- including an appearance earlier this month at the British Film Institute's London Film Festival (she was promoting her film Suffragette alongside Meryl Streep).

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You have to give Carey and Marcus credit for wanting to keep their private life, well, private. With tons of paparazzi foaming at the mouths to get the "money shot," it's great to know those in the spotlight can enjoy life's pleasures without a camera lens in their face. Even with speculation she was pregnant, Carey seemingly flew under the radar (she should thank her stylist for such a concealing wardrobe).

Seeing as they've been enjoying their daughter for about a month now, I'm pretty sure they're getting the hang of those late-night feedings and impromptu diaper changes. Speaking of unscripted, it must be so awesome for proud papa Marcus to sing his little girl to sleep (assuming she goes down without a fight).


Image via © Michael Rowlands/Geisler-Fotopre/dpa/Corbis

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