Sandra Bullock's Son Forced Her to Grow Up & We Can Relate

Sandra Bullock LouieIt's hard to imagine this actress, who just happens to be People's 2015 Most Beautiful Woman, ever not having it all together. But Sandra Bullock, 51, credits her adorable son Louis with forcing her to get her "sh-t together."


Surprisingly, the Academy Award winner told Glamour she really didn't feel like an adult until about five years ago -- the same time she adopted the darling tot from New Orleans. Recognizing him as "the greatest gift," Bullock says she wanted him to see the woman she wanted him to know. (Love that!)

"So a child forces you to get your sh-t together. In the best way," she says.

That is so true. Raising a child really does make you want to rise to be the very best version of yourself. You want to lead by example and be seen as a role model for your children -- even if it means growing up a bit. (Good-bye binge-watching House of Cards until 3 a.m.!)

Plus, if you don't get your sh-t together, as Sandy says, you'll quickly find yourself flailing your way through the days, making them miserable for both you and your little one. 

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It's also really interesting that the Gravity star has phrased it this way. So many times people say they want to feel more grown-up and responsible before even considering having children. But, really, it's when you're in the absolute thick of it -- middle-of-the-night feedings, the challenges of potty training, teaching your child how to be a good friend -- that you experience the most growth. 

It's been rumored that the actress, currently starring in Our Brand Is Crisis, would like to add to her family. If that's true, it certainly sounds like she's prepared. Bullock took a break when she first brought Louis home because, as she acknowledges, "it’s a 24/7 job sometimes." While we'd miss her on the big screen if she takes another mom time-out to expand her brood, we'd be thrilled for her and little Louis!


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