Macklemore Isn't Just a Babywearing Dad, He's a Co-Sleeping Dad Too

macklemore daughterThat jingle beat in his latest song "Downtown" will get stuck in your head, but this photo of the new dad co-sleeping with his 4-month-old daughter Sloane all swaddled up will get stuck in your heart. Macklemore is a co-sleeping, babywearing, natural parenting–minded dad!


Take a look at that sweet baby girl's face. What a happy little one.

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There is nothing better

A photo posted by @macklemore on

And of course she's happy -- she's swaddled up tight and next to her daddy, her mommy looking over her to take this adorable photo. I can barely handle the cuteness! That little face of contentment brightens the day.

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Ben Haggerty (which is Macklemore's official name) and his wife Tricia Davis welcomed Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty into the world back in May. Great name. He seems like he would be among the coolest of the dads in this world -- how could you write the song "Same Love" and not be amazing, right? And he clearly knows how to bond with his daughter -- babywearing, co-sleeping, love, love, love!

I love this "trend" of famous dads posting these incredibly adorable photos of their babies on Instagram. (I'm looking at you, Justin Timberlake.) It gives us as fans the chance to see these people in a whole different light -- how their sweet little one brings out such a soft, nurturing side of them. It's all about love. And in times like these, hopefully that's something we can all have more of in our lives.


Image via macklemore/Instagram

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