January Jones's Son Wants to Swim With Sharks & She's Cool With That

January Jones's little boy can't get enough of dinosaurs and sharks. Not only does 4-year-old Xander Dane want to be a "real dinosaur" doctor (like actually study them, not their bones), but he also wants to take a trip into the deep blue sea with his mom. Should we be concerned January Jones told her son he can swim with sharks?


Now before you huff and puff about the thought of a little kid swimming among one of nature's deadliest predators, pipe down for a second. The former Mad Men star didn't say he could right now ... he just needs to wait until he's 10, because according to her, that's a "fair age." Are the waters safer to navigate when you're in your double digits?

Honestly, it's her right as a parent to make decisions for her child. If January Jones thinks it's OK for her kid to swim with sharks once he gets a little older, who am I to say anything (then again, she did make it public knowledge, so I can throw in my two cents). Given that January herself has swum with sharks (she obviously passed her love to her little one), it's only natural for her child to want to do the same.

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I can't imagine my little boys swimming with a shark -- especially after all the accidents we heard about at the beach, which in some cases happened not too far from shore -- but then again, I'm not knowledgeable on what it takes to safely swim with sharks ... outside of not doing it.

Call me a chicken all you want, but this is the closest you'd ever see me coming to a shark (outside of enjoying Shark Week):

I'm just not about that life.

Then again, it's more common these days for people to die from a selfie than from a shark, so maybe it's no big deal -- I'm just not willing to bet a limb on it. Perhaps I'll change my mind the next time I'm on an exotic vacation with the island breeze flowing through my hair, but until then, I think I'll just look and wave from the boat.


Image via Photo Image Press / Splash News

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