Jessa Seewald & Ben Seewald Confirm That They're Adopting (VIDEO)

Did Jessa and Ben Seewald just share more baby news? The former 19 Kids and Counting star and her husband discussed the possibility of adding to their household down the road. While we don't know the name of their little one baking in the oven, one thing is certain: Jessa and Ben want to adopt.


In fact, they just might be researching the process as we speak.

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While the road to becoming the parent of an adopted child isn't always straight and narrow, nothing beats the joy you feel when you get to take your child home. Like Jessa and Ben, my husband and I are considering adoption, as we would love to add to our family.

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Making the decision to adopt a child is a beautiful choice a future parent can make.


Image via Bizzle / Splash News

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