Drew Barrymore Celebrates Daughter's 3rd Birthday With Wild Cake You'll Want for Yourself (PHOTO)

drew barrymore daughterI'm not embarrassed to admit that I think Drew Barrymore and I would be great friends. We are about the same age, we both have two kids whom I'd bet would play wonderfully together at the park, and, well, I just adore her and how she is with her kids. Her daughter's birthday cake is the latest perfect example. Drew's oldest child Olive turned 3 and wanted a tiger cake. The result? One of the coolest cakes ever.


Drew called the cake rad, and of course it is, but it's because she's a rad mom that this is her rad daughter Olive's cake. It's not just any old tiger cake either -- it's the more tiger-y of all tiger cakes.

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My birthday is coming up. I wouldn't mind something like this, provided it was chocolate in the middle. Can someone make that happen? And when it's cut, I would definitely want a piece with the tiger fur -- not actual fur, of course; whatever that sweet stuff is as long as it's tiger print. My own daughter, who is 5, would want the tiger face. It matches with a print she has on one of her dresses.

See? Drew and I ... we're meant to be friends. We could probably shop for kids clothes together and enjoy going to the same stores. And eating tiger cake.

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Ever the adoring mom, Drew also mentioned how her daughters are her whole universe. She seems so down-to-earth and real -- I would guess she is the kind of mom who makes muffins on Sunday morning and never yells. Or at least she's one of those who really wants to make muffins on Sunday mornings and never wants to yell but sometimes that doesn't happen and she forgives herself and drinks more coffee ... or wine ... at night ... after bedtime.

Happy birthday, Olive. And happy birth day, Drew. I'm wild about you and that cake.


Image via drewbarrymore/Instagram

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