Leighton Meester & Adam Brody May Have Had Their Daughter Two Months Ago

Congratulations are in order, as Leighton Meester and Adam Brody have a daughter. One would think celebrating the birth of a child is enough, but oh no. Apparently, news outlets are conflicted as to when Arlo Day Brody was born. Some say last week, while others swear it was almost two months ago.


Say what now?

In an exclusive, Us Weekly confirmed the cute couple are now parents, after Leighton reportedly gave birth to their child last week. Yet, TMZ swears they have Arlo's birth certificate to prove she was born in August.


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I'm not personal friends of Leighton and Adam, but I think I can speak for them when I say, stay out their business -- especially government documents!

Yes, social media and reality TV to some extent have made celebrities more accessible, but we don't need to invade their privacy. Let's celebrate the fact that a family was blessed with a bundle of joy and keep it moving, OK?

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I'm sure this couple is over the moon they're new parents.

One thing we can talk about is their daughter's name. Arlo is pretty unisex, as both boys and girls have it. From the look of things, Arlo is German for "hill," which could have some sentiment with these two -- or nothing at all (it is OK to like a name just because).

Whether you had the baby two months or two minutes ago, I say congratulations.


Image via Mayer RCF / Splash News

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