Ryan Reynolds Nails How Frustrating It Is to Build an IKEA Crib (VIDEO)

ryan reynolds build ikea cribIf you've ever tried to assemble IKEA furniture, you know firsthand that it can drive you bonkers -- which is why we are loving a new video of Ryan Reynolds building an IKEA crib.


Or rather, it's a video of Ryan Reynolds trying to build an IKEA crib -- staring confused at the instructions, on the phone with IKEA customer service, cracking a beer to cope, you get the idea. Check it out below:

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As someone who's struggled to assemble various IKEA furniture -- couch, crib, and otherwise -- I feel Ryan's pain. He is spot-on when he says IKEA is "Swedish for f--- you."

In a way, assembling an IKEA crib is kind of like a parental rite of passage -- and a fun preview of what Mom's or Dad's life will become once the baby arrives. Parenthood is day-in-and-day-out frustration; the need to imbibe alcohol is par for the course. And of course, as Ryan so aptly points out, a sense of humor is essential if you're going to survive.


Image via GQ/YouTube

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