David & Victoria Beckham Consider Themselves Strict Parents to 16-Year-Old Brooklyn (VIDEO)

He might be cute, but he doesn't call the shots. Brooklyn Beckham is gracing the cover of the October issue of Miss Vogue, where he admits his parents, Victoria and David Beckham, are pretty strict.


In fact, the 16-year-old didn't have to say much, considering his mom and dad aren't secretive when it comes to the ground rules of being a Beckham. Victoria recently opened up to Good Morning America, where she revealed Brooklyn is learning good work ethic that includes a minimum wage job at a coffee shop he's had for the last few years years.

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Here's a look at the interview she did that also provides extra insight when it comes to her and hubby David Beckham's parenting style.

David told ABC News he and Victoria treat their kids like ... kids (shocking, I know) -- including control their son Brooklyn's Instagram. If one of my sons had over 4 million followers, you better believe I would want to see what he's posting.

Who knows how strict the Beckhams are when it comes to their kids. Maybe they make them work for everything they want, and maybe they allow them to enjoy the perks of being famous from time to time. I guess this is another reminder that celebs, in many ways, are just like us -- minus the millions and access to luxury stuff.

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There's certainly nothing wrong with being strict, as it can instill values of discipline. Just try to makes sure you aren't too hard all the time.


Image via © Jenna Blake/Corbis

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