Ryan Reynolds Reveals Heartache of Discovering a Friend Tried to Sell Photos of His Daughter

ryan reynoldsCeleb dad Ryan Reynolds has opened up about a dark point in his fatherhood: the moment when Reynolds learned his best friend tried selling photos of his daughter, James.


In an interview with GQ, the Deadpool actor explained how a close friend he'd known for his entire life had started shopping around photos of James, his baby daughter with Blake Lively.

Luckily, the circle who receives these photos was small enough that Reynolds figured out who it was, and was able to stop things before the pics got out.

Reynolds describes that the experience felt "like death" and admits that he had a "strongly worded conversation" with the guy -- who'd borrowed money from Reynolds in the past and needed more. Reynolds decided to gut this snake out of his life for good.

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And can you blame him? In case you haven't noticed, Reynolds and Lively cherish their daughter's privacy and have almost never shown photos of her face, using clever cropping to keep her out. So to have a friend defy his wishes to make an extra buck ... well, I wouldn't want that person around my baby ever again.

Because it's not just about the pics. It's about a parent's wish to shield and protect their daughter. Mess with that, and it's bound to get any mama (or dada) bear's hackles in a twist.

Here's to hoping we don't see any photos of baby James until the parents are ready.


Image via Jaguar PS/shutterstock

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