Vanessa Lachey's Tips for Introducing Your 'Big Kid' to Your New Baby

vanessa lacheyAfter giving birth to her daughter Brooklyn back in January, Vanessa Lachey introduced her baby to her older sibling, Camden -- and things went incredibly well, since she was armed with some really smart tips that she wants to share with other parents. 


Lachey, a 34-year-old mother of two married to Nick Lachey, got these tips from her doctor. And apparently they worked well if she's willing to pass them on!

So how did this mom make sure her son, now 3, would welcome little Brooklyn with open arms? Here's the gist of what she told Us Weekly:

  1. Have a photo of your firstborn in the room so he knows he's cherished.
  2. Give the older sib a gift "from the baby" -- and have your eldest give a gift to the newborn in turn.
  3. Don't hold your baby when your eldest first comes in for a meet-and-greet.
  4. Last but not least, don't just foist a newborn on the older sibling. Instead, ask, "Would you like to see/hold your younger brother/sister?" And accept whatever the answer is, even if it's no.

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How smart are these tips? Even though I only have one child, I've heard plenty of horror stories about this introduction going horribly wrong. I think Lachey has hit upon some great points on starting this sibling relationship off right.

I also love how her advice is counterintuitive, particularly tips 3 and 4. Because I think a lot of moms might not think that merely holding the baby might set off alarm bells for their eldest. Or that you should give him a choice over whether or not to hold the baby himself.

Respecting this older sib's feelings and wishes can really kick things off on the right foot -- and set the stage for smoother relationships down the road. We hope Lachey shares more of her parenting tips, 'cause she clearly knows what works!


Image via Jaguar PS/shutterstock

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