Eva Mendes Named Baby Esmeralda Because 'Hunchback Gosling' Just Didn't Sound as Cute (VIDEO)

Parents have been known to pull inspiration for their child's name from a variety of sources -- so is it that hard to wonder why Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling named their daughter Esmeralda? Here's a hint: It has something to do with Disney.


Did you like The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

Come on, you remember the movie -- or book, if you enjoy reading -- about Quasimodo, an orphaned and disfigured dude who lived inside a cathedral? Demi Moore voiced Esmeralda, the gypsy woman who was all about peace and rights for her people? Is it all starting to come back to you now?

Check out what Eva has to say on a recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show.

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Eva is right about one thing: The name Esmeralda (it's Spanish for emerald) is a popular Latin name. My husband (he's from Panama) hit me with it during our brainstorming session, before we found out baby number two's gender (spoiler alert: We had another boy). I looked at him all sorts of sideways because, to me, I thought it was a bit dated. Now I can't stop hearing "I told ya so" since Ryan and Eva used it.

Whether you choose a name because it has a special meaning or holds a specific sentiment that's near and dear (Eva revealed Esmeralda's middle name, Amada, is in honor of her deceased grandmother), it never hurts to take a look around you -- and in your life -- for inspiration


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