Jessa Seewald Is Now a Horrible Mother Because of This 'Pregnancy No-No' (PHOTO)

Y'all might want to run for cover because there have been some shots fired. Jessa Seewald is causing controversy over this photo (just a little) she posted that has started a back-and-forth discussion.


But Tanvier, that's a coffee cup.

I know.

Apparently, people have a problem with seeing a mom-to-be take a photo of a beverage (I think the label is cute).

In case you didn't know, caffeine can have negative effects on your pregnancy, as your growing bean doesn't have a fully developed metabolism to handle it. This can cause anything from premature labor to birth defects and irregular movement.

Now that we have the doom and gloom out of the way (it's always good to know risks), if you love a caffeinated drink and are pregnant, just speak to your doctor. There's a good chance you can still indulge in moderation (it's recommended expecting moms drink no more than a 12 oz. cup of coffee a day).

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It's one thing to actually be concerned about someone and his or her health, but a completely different story if you're just looking to start something. When I was pregnant, I had a Coke (a small one) and a smile once a week. Even though I've never drunk soft drinks every day, I wanted to try to limit the habit as a general health concern. Who knows, maybe folks had an issue with my one drink.

No one knows if the beverage in question was Jessa's (it could've belonged to her husband), if she just took a sip, or if that water was hers. And who knows if it was decaf.

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While too much caffeine in general isn't good, it's a personal decision people need to make for themselves. Plus, caffeine is found in other things besides coffee and soft drinks. You might want to take a look at your tea, hot cocoa, and even ice cream for that matter (not as much, but still there).


Image via Bizzle / Splash News

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