Gabrielle Union Opens Up About Her Struggles With Infertility

gabrielle unionCeleb Gabrielle Union opened up about her fertility struggles in a recent interview with Redbook, claiming that she sometimes feels that the "penance" she's paying for prioritizing her career is "barrenness."


Union, 42, married NBA player Dwyane Wade, 33, last August. Since Wade has three kids from previous relationships -- 13-year-old Zaire, 8-year-old Zion, and 20-month-old Xavier -- Union is also enjoying being a stepmom.

Yet the Bring It On actress admitted that the process of conceiving has been "painful" and unsuccessful so far ... and that this may just be the consequence of choosing to fast-track her career over kids.

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I hafta say, I admire her honesty, even if it's dark and a bit depressing. Because so many women with infertility feel too ashamed to say anything about their struggles. Or, they talk about it but always in "positive" ways, like "We'll keep trying!" Sometimes, you really have to stop plastering a smile on your face and say Hey, this sucks! 

I hope her openness encourages more women to open up, too. Because the talking cure truly does work!

Union also seems to suggest that the shame of infertility is inflicted more by society rather than something she feels strongly herself. Because it seems like she loves being a stepmom: Even if kids aren't genetically your own, they become your own in the way you raise them. Nurture over nature in my book any day!

Still, stepkids don't eliminate the pain of infertility, either. I'm glad Union is telling it like it is -- no punches pulled. I'll keep my fingers crossed she has good baby news down the road!


Image via Helga Esteb/shutterstock

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