Jessica Biel Aims to Teach Teens How Babies Are Made

jessica biel sex ed teensCeleb mom Jessica Biel wants to teach sex ed to teens. The reason? Back when she embarked on babymaking with Justin Timberlake two years ago, she was largely in the dark about how babies are made.


Of course, Jessica knew the basics -- the whole sperm-and-egg thing. But she had plenty of other questions that she feels many teens (and women for that matter) might now know.

For instance: Since she'd been on the pill for so long, how soon after she stopped taking it would she become fertile? When during her menstrual cycle should she have sex?

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So Jessica has partnered with Saundra Pelletier, founder of WomanCare Global, with the goal of launching online courses to teach women and girls about just how their bodies work, covering everything from menstruation to contraception.

And I'm all for it, since sex is a totally awkward topic for teens -- and for their parents to broach! But it's also one of the most important. For one, without the facts, teens could get pregnant, or end up with an STD. No one wants that!

So I commend Jessica for helping teens and even women get a better grasp of the facts. I wouldn't say I knew the answers to the questions Jessica posed either, so clearly we could all use more info!


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